Kansas City woman guilty in fake marriage to African man

Developers continue to work on Bitcoin protocol improvements, with projects like the Lightning Network, for off-series low-value transactions, and Taproot, a privacy boost that is gaining momentum.
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Regulatory policies will play a major role in Bitcoin’s performance in 2020

More than additional technological improvements, although regulatory policies will play a major role in Bitcoin’s performance in 2020. For Bitcoin speculators, the “White Whale” tale is approval from Bitcoin ETF (stock exchange fund) in the US making it easier for retail traders Every day to invest in cryptocurrency. Despite several proposals over the past year, American regulators have failed to give the green light to a fund yet. If this fund is approved in 2020, it is perhaps the largest potential bullish catalyst for Bitcoin, opening the door for retail banks and institutional capital to flow into Bitcoin.

A Kansas City woman who married a Kenyan man so he could stay in the United States has pleaded guilty to violating U.S. immigration law. Traci R. Porter, 44, was one of six Kansas City residents indicted by a federal grand jury in Kansas City last year as …
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Want to buy a winery? Half of U.S. wineries might be sold in the next five years

When billionaire Stan Kroenke, owner of Napa cult winery Screaming Eagle and a slew of sports teams (including the L.A. Rams), bought a majority stake in iconic Burgundian estate Bonneau du Martray in December, shockwaves ricocheted around the wine world.
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Steelers vs. Chiefs: Score, result, shows for divisional playoff online game in Kansas City

The kickoff time for Sunday’s Steelers-Chiefs divisional playoff game was the last thing players and mentors cared about — the change from a 1:05 p.m. ET start time for you 8:20 p.m. ET considering weather conditions in Kansas City impacted only those who …
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NFL weather condition forecast, Divisional playoffs 2017: Ice storm warnings carry on for Kansas City

Ice storm warning goes on during the day Sunday into Sunday night for the Kansas City metro area. While the NFL moved the divisional playoff game between Kansas City and Pittsburgh hoping to own better weather, there clearly was nevertheless a possibility that …
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400 top U.S. figure skaters, plus tens and thousands of followers, descending on KC

Within the competitive realm of demise spirals, triple axels and toe loops, theirs are household names: Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner, Maia and Alex Shibutani, Nathan Chen. They’re among some 400 premier U.S. figure skaters arriving at Kansas City to compete in …
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In Chiefs-Steelers, payback is in attention associated with the beholder

The revenge motive within the NFL, factor or perhaps not? That depends upon which side a group dropped from the initial result. For the Steelers, in preparation for wild-card online game contrary to the Dolphins the other day, it worked to tell all of them how they were managed at Miami …
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Trump ‘said he’s unaware’ of being briefed on Russia report, Conway says

President-elect Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway criticized cleverness officials Tuesday evening, after posted reports they had relayed information Russia could in theory used to blackmail the president-elect; Conway called the …
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