Income opportunities for freelance translators

A freelance web content translator has the flexibility to work on projects that fit their schedule and lifestyle. If you want to make extra money working as a freelance writer, there are many opportunities. Using the tips listed below, you can incorporate ideas that match your personality and your interests. With the flair of creativity a writer can open up many options to generate income.
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1. Build business deals with other freelancers

Join other freelancers like photographers, writers and bloggers who share similar interests with you and package your skills as a way to attract a larger client base. It not only promotes your own work but also helps you to expand your network to get future employment opportunities.
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2. Develop a business partnership and launch a new product

Work with other interested creative people to create a unique online product, such as a bundled service with videographers, graphic designers and other authors. You can start offering a number of services like iPhone App Translation, Android Translation etc.
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3. Become an Instructor

Your document translation skills can be used to teach others a new language, either through classroom-style or through online instruction.

4. Write a book

There are many opportunities for authors interested in developing a book or guide for others. Online stores like Amazon pay less per item than a print book, but the distribution is wide and the chances of additional revenue are high. Research popular niches and provide readers with a unique story.
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5. Create a blog

Blogs are easy to set up with many free hosting sites available. To be successful, focus on a specific topic or set of ideas and write consistently. If you are lucky enough to attract a visitor, your blog can become an important advertising site for retailers. There is a great demand for translation applications that you can offer.
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6. Create your own website

Like a blog, if your website attracts enough visitors, you will be able to sell advertising space that generates revenue. Many inexpensive website hosting companies are available, and most offer their own, free, web development software. It’s easy to build a basic website for less money.
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If you are a freelance translator looking for more income, these ideas are a great way to meet your goals. All of the options will help increase your visibility and bring in more clients, but you must be prepared to work hard to turn any extra work initiative into a success. Stay focused and you will soon realize that you are making extra money.
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