Online tobacco shops and cheap cigarettes from Europe

Cheap cigarettes are being imported from Europe to North America and especially to the United States. If you look closely at the general occurrence of imports, it becomes clear to one and all that most of it is retail imports rather than bulk shipments of enterprise volume.

There are many interesting stories in it. Initially, it reflected the steep tax increase on cigarettes in the United States. The tax hike has been so steep that manufacturers and wholesalers across the country, let alone small neighborhood tobacco shops retailing to smokers, are running at a loss for lack of business. Clearly, regular smokers are not in a position to buy their weekly or monthly stock at such a high price.

The Marlboro brand is the biggest hit of all; The person who smokes Marlboro is now being supplied to online tobacco stores, mainly in Eastern Europe and in some Native American districts where there is little or no tax on cigarettes legally. Thus, online stores have become the source point of cheap Marlboro cigarettes. Not surprisingly, these stores or merchants have innovatively reached cigarette-hungry countries, and especially the United States. The basic advantage they enjoy is the tax difference between their source and the US market.

Although Europe has traditionally produced and exported cheap cigarettes to the United States and the rest of the world, the recent increase in tax rates in Western Europe, like the United States, has focused on Eastern Europe. Major tobacco manufacturers and cheap cigarette traders have started working on a global perspective from this segment. But how does all this relate to smokers? The average smoker is the person who obviously benefits from all of this. Let’s see how – cheap Marlboro cigarettes from these sellers will cost US $ 13 per carton including all taxes and shipping. You probably didn’t get a carton of your favorite Marlboro cigarettes at this rate even in the era of tax increases. There’s a small catch here; You may have to pay customs duty separately, it is not included in the cost.

There is another angle to this cheap cigarette business. Since the tax hike, not only cigarette traders, wholesalers and small retailers, but also workers in the cigarette industry have lost a lot of jobs. Jobs in the cigarette industry have moved beyond the United States and to Europe; Now it has moved further from there to Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is the current hotspot for large US and Asian cigarette manufacturers who are planting giant plants at incredible speeds. This phenomenon is fueled by another less apparent but significant problem that both online tobacco shop owners and manufacturers have used to their advantage. Labor costs and wages in Eastern Europe are significantly cheaper than in the western part of the continent, let alone the United States.

‘Selling cheap cigarettes online’ is affecting big changes and adjustments in economic policy. Cigarette importers are losing huge tax revenues that they would have collected if the industry had not shifted its focus from the United States. Marlborough, which sells about 85% of the world’s cigarettes, is now being made in Eastern Europe.

So, the next time you buy a cigarette, you know where to get cheap Marlboro cigarettes!